• Choose wisely! The consumer guide was made for you. Consult it to know which fish are recommended and which ones are not.
  • Be adventurous! Try new 'green' fish and increase the variety of fish you eat. Move away from a dependence on one favourite; variety is the spice of life. Besides, you might end up loving something and recommending it to your friends...
  • Size it up! Be aware that many small Hamour available on the market are actually juveniles. Eating baby Hamour creates a market for undersized fish and exacerbates overfishing.
  • Protect what you love! If you love to eat fish and your favourite is listed as 'red', find out more about how fishing is affecting the stock. If you really cannot go without your craving, enjoy it in moderation by making it a special occasion.
  • Remember that sharks are highly susceptible to overfishing. Avoid buying or ordering shark meat as much as possible.
  • Stay informed! Find out more about your local fish species so that you can understand why some of them may be better choices than others. Explore our website and learn about the impacts of fishing on our precious resources and marine ecosystems.

EWS-WWF is a national leading environmental NGO. EWS-WWF works at the federal level to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable living through education and conservation initiatives.

The Choose Wisely campaign is endorsed by the Ministry of Environment and Water of the United Arab Emirates