Things You Should Know Beforehand For An Event Photography In Dubai

When it comes to event photography, Dubai is a fantasy land for photographers. When it comes to taking pictures and having a wonderful surrounding to bring out the real intention of the picture, Dubai is one of the go-to places. Already, it rivals places like New York and Hong Kong in terms of its photography friendly environments.

However, there are certain things you should be aware of beforehand while going for event photography in Dubai. Of course, you would want to go get there prepared with everything you need. Here are some of the important things you should know:


  • Have A Specific Goal In Mind

As a photographer, you should be able to compose your event photography specifically to meet the goal you have in mind. Best believe you could lose focus especially when you are in a place like Dubai with a lot of eye-catching distraction. Before you go for event photography in Dubai, you should be able to pinpoint what goal you want to achieve.

Afterward, you need to deliberately focus on the message and aim while working on the frame of the photo. You have to be able to remove all extraneous activities that are conflicting or competing with the main goal of the photo.


  • Take Your Photographic Shots From The Perspective Of The Attendee

For event photography, the general objective is to provide the prospective attendees with the opportunity to visualize being at the event. It is important that you are able to capture the aspects that are most crucial for the mind of the attendees to reimagine. You should be able to endear the viewers to have a glimpse of the full action for active participation in the event.

It is very important that your shots are from the point of view of the observer. It is also very important that you are able to bring the observer into the experience they will not normally see with the ordinary eye. It could be getting an aerial view of event photography for the wider view.


  • Creativity With Your Event Photography Shots

While covering event photography shots, it is important that you get creative with the shots being taken. Take it up as a challenge to yourself in doing something out of the candid poses that characterize most event photography shots. Although most event organizers would rather go for the grip and grin pose, it is important that you are able to get other perspectives of the event.

This is where your creativity comes to play. You should try and shoot creative shots that will headline the whole event photography.


  • Importance Of Proper Lighting

The importance of lightening to your photographs cannot be over-exaggerated. Focusing on that decisive moment and taking the shot is important. be sure to also be aware of natural lighting at the event venue to reduce the use of on-camera flash. This will help you reduce the amount of edit work you would be required to do at the end of the event.



While going for event photography, it is very important that you go prepared. For an event in a city like Dubai, there are numerous side attractions and it is important that you are always prepared.

Be aware of the places where you can shoot your images and creatively apply yourself. Also, respect the local culture of the surrounding area. It is important that you do not invade the privacy of those living in the area.

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